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What can we expect from the extended The Walking Dead episode

The fourth episode of the new season that premieres next week will be longer than usual.

Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead will have a longer duration than usual. ¿What will we see? Warning: This post contains SPOILERS. You are officially warned. If you don’t want to know, turn around and go back to Facebook. 

If you didn’t know,  episode four of the new season of The Walking Dead will be a 85 minute one and it will feature Rick with the group. The gang is back under the spotlight and it will be the first time we will see them after the first encounter with Negan at the season premiere, when Glenn and Abraham said goodbye to the serie.

This point in the storyline has become one of the most important ones of the show. With Negan coming into the story, Rick’s world tumbles down and it marks a before and after for Grime’s group. Due to the comic being the main source of the show, it would require more time to show the effects of the Negan aftermath. They’re giving the fans more time to have a moment with their favorite characters.

Rick stares down Negan in The Walking Dead season 7 premiere

Like many of you know, The Walking Dead has followed the cómics in many ways; with Glenn’s death, the appearance of the Wolves and the Savior’s attack to Alexandria. This leads us to the conclusion that what follows next is Negan’s first visit to the gated community held up by Rick and the gang.

In the season trailer, we can see Negan at the gates of Alexandria. He is easy to distinguish because it looks like he brung his favorite toy along:
In the comics, Negan arrives to Alexandria to take his cut of the production, the rules he forces upon everyone he meets, including King Ezekiel’s town where Carol and Morgan are currently staying.  But we also expect Carl to be the one who the most difficulties to come face to face with Negan, he will be very unwilling to receive him with open arms. Although, this will not keep them from taking resources from them.
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