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Stranger Things has it's own apparel line

Netflix partnered with Hot Topic and BoxLunch, and there is now an official line of Stranger Things clothing and accessories.

Stranger things became a very interesting case for Netflix, not only because of the content of the show but because of the success it’s that has definitely improved the company’s image.

It was a great hit, and that’s why they were even awarded an Emmy this year. This is why they are taking full advantage of the hype and they created an official apparel line.  The young actors became fashion ambassadors when they first appeared with Louis Vuitton, the greatest brand in the industry.


Netflix partnered with Hot Topic and BoxLunch to create a line of clothes and accessories that include; from tees and tanks to hats and pins. These reference lines from the show as well as costumes that the characters wore, like Eleven’s pink dress.


The most popular accessories are the pins with “friends don’t lie’, or the necklace with christmas lights that spell out a message. These products are available in Hot Topic and BoxLunch and in their online stores as well. And YES! they do ship internationally.

Order in !

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