Scandal: premiere date and trailer


The serie has a premiere date for the new season and the trailer is everything we’ve been waiting for. 

We’ve all been very impatient about the results of the US elections, and no, I’m not talking about the face-off between Trump and Clinton. It is impossible not to think about Mellie’s campaign managed by the magnificent Olivia Pope. The new season of Scandal will premiere January 19th after 8 months of hiatus.

Today, ABC confirmed that season six of Scandal will air Thursday January 19th of 2017 and it will be mind blowing. Well, it not only promises to blow our minds but we see some pretty literal blow ups in the trailer.

¿What can we see in the trailer from the new season? A very hysterical Mellie, exhausted of running for president, arguing with Olivia Pope (as usual). The ex first lady tells Olivia that she is ready to quit her electoral run, while Olivia, like always, is not ready to give up. Later we see that Mellie is very excited about the results of the election being in, which kind of hints that she will not really be quitting. (Let’s be serious, it’s Mellie).

The trailer announces that the results are finally in and we will know who won the election. Will Olivia be back in the White House?. It also promises to have the most intense first 10 minutes during the premiere.

Are Olivia and Fitz getting back together? We can for sure see them getting closer, well, and arguing too. We will finally know. The season premiere had been postponed until 2017 after the news of Kerry Washington (Olivia) expecting her second child. But, the show will soon be back and we are ready to see her KA.


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