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Santa Clarita Diet: La bizarra mezcla entre zombies y comedia

Netflix’s new show will sure make you laugh, but it’simply just… weird. 

Santa Clarita Diet,  Netflix’s new show starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, , will make you crack up, but will also make you question what the heck you’re watching.

The successful streaming company bet on this new rare combination between a family sit-com and a bloody show. And can’t neglect the strange twist to the typical zombie storyline.

Mocking the peace and monotone families that live in the suburbs, this realtors couple must find the perfect balance between the “normal life” they used to live and the new necessities Sheila (Drew Barrymore) needs to fulfill without letting her morals aside.

From the very start, this show produced by Victor Fresco, will make you laugh but also look away for at least a few seconds; maybe because of the repulsive vomit or the extremely bloody encounters between Sheila and her meals…. or preys.

You do have to admit, it is a little hard to get used to everything that happens in this story. It’s just… weird.

It is not a typical zombie story that the walking dead start slowly looking for brains to eat. Neither has anything to do with some sort of apocalypse.

Sheila is an undead who feels more alive than ever. She lives with her family like any other woman, if you don’t think about her snacking on fingers. She has had to learn to live in a new way, and be at peace with becoming a serial killer to be able to eat.

Her rapid transformation from a real state boring mom to a human hunter, who inspires not only her family but her neighbors as well, sharing her new positive view of the world and upbeat energy.

“I’ve tasted blood and now I want more and more”

Surprisingly, the couple is very charming, regardless of knowing that they two characters have become murderers. Managing to make the audience laugh with their ridiculous adventures and typical husband and wife arguments.

The couple, with the help of their daughter and the nerdy neighbor, will work hard to find a solution so the family can live a normal life..sort of, without their neighbors suspecting anything from her sudden mood change and…well, her new diet.

Santa Clarita Diet premiered last Friday on Netflix, and it really took advantage of the weekend bingers. The first episode was one that could easily drive you to watch something else, but since all 10 are there, why not?. It took a few episodes to get used to the weird plot it presents.

Zombie fans will find that, like many other stories, there is not much detail on how Sheila transforms into a flesh eating human.  This leaves the door open to a lot of speculation and fun theories of how the show will bring it into play.

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