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Samsung delays the launch for Galaxy S8 due to battery issues with Note

The company held a press conference in which they revealed details on the Note 7 incidents that caused devices to light on fire.

Samsung Electronics Co LTD announced today that one of their most waited devices’ launch could be delayed to assure that security measures are taken to avoid another crisis like the one that the Galaxy Note 7 caused. They also revealed some results from their investigation on this model’s battery and the process they went through to find the cause of the fires.

More than 700 engineers worked to collect data from more than 200,000 phones and analyze about 30,000 batteries from this Note model, as well as looking into the software design, the production and even the logistics to see what was causing the malfunctions. This way, they were able to detect that the batteries were to blame for the fire, smoke and more than $5.3 billions in losses.

“Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”, assured the Chief of Mobile Koh Dong-Jin during the press conference. He also announced that they are taking measures to make sure that the fire episodes don’t repeat themselves with the new Galaxy S8.

This electronics company also surprised everyone stating that the new model of the Galaxy S series won’t be showcased in the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona on February 27, like they have traditionally done it with this Samsung serie.

Up to now, they have only recovered about 96 percent of the 3.06 million Note 7’s sold in the world. They also shared that they are not sure if they will reuse the parts of the devices that were called back.

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