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Samsung says goodbye to the Galaxy Note 7

After the incidents with smoking cellphones and a threats of fire, the company decided to stop the production and distribution of the device.

A few hours ago, Samsung was still asking their customers to turn off their cellphones before boarding a plane due to the new incident on a Southwest Airlines flight. Now, they have announced that they will stop the production and distribution, as well as the “sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7.”

In a press release, the company informed this morning that they are investigating the events that ended with smoking cellphones and flames. Samsung asked all of its sales partners and resellers globally to take this model out of the market. 

“We will continue to work with the corresponding authorities to take all acciones necessary to solve this situation”, they assured. Meanwhile, they ask everyone who has either the original version, as well as the replacement unit, to turn off the mobile and abstain from it’s use due to the battery issues that has caused them several problems.

A few hours ago, a Galaxy Note 7 lit up on fire in a Burger King in Korea.


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