North Korea: 18 ridiculous facts


North Korea is one of the most hermetic and particular countries in the world and some of the laws implemented by their “supreme leader” Kim Jong-un are extremely restrictive and ridiculous.

  1. In North Korea there is no internet access, only a big network that only works inside the country.  Kim Jong-un only allows access to 28 websites.
  2. When it comes to haircuts, Women are only permitted to choose from 18 different styles, and men only have a variety of 10 cuts.



3. In North Korea, only military officers and government officials can have automated vehicles.

4. Unlike most of the world, where it is 2016, Korea is in the year 105. Their calendar is based on Kim Il-Sung’s Birthday (1912), their leader’s grandfather.


5. North Korea has it’s own kind of Hollywood with 100 directors on a government salary that make about 10 films a year. In 1978, military agencies captured film director Shin Sang Ok and the actress Chose Eu Hui in South Korea. They were able to escape a few years after.

6. If a person is sentenced for committing a crime so is their family, but they are not sent to jail, instead, they are forced to work the fields. The sentenced individual will never be working alone because 3 generations of his family are sentenced with them.


7. It is one of the most closed up countries and that means that it only receives between 1500 and 6.000 tourist a year.

8. In North Korea, it is prohibited to wear jeans.

9. Political leaders like Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-iL and their current “leader” are seen as gods and they auto give themselves supernatural powers.

10. In this asian country, marihuana and opium are not considered a drug.

11. Tourist are not allowed to come in the country with a cellphone as a national security precaution. Citizens can only use cellphones inside the country and cannot make international calls.


12. It is ilegal for locals to interact with foreigners without permission.

13. In average, north Koreans live approximately 69 years. That is 11 less than South Koreans. The biggest threat to their health is the lack of food. In the 1990s, hunger killed more than 2 million people, that is about one out of 10 citizens. According to a recent UN investigation, two thirds of the population don’t know when their next meal will be.

14. Their biggest political figure Kim Jong-Un, got his uncle Sang Song-Thaek executed even though he was the second most important person in his government. He locked him up naked in a cage with 120 hungry dogs, according to a Hong Kong journal. The aggression happened in presence of Kim Jong-Un and 300 government officials.

15. Kim Jong-un handpicked the first all girls band “K-pop”, and they interpreted a variety of different styles; from rock to pop.

16. It is rumored that Kim sent an architect to get executed because he did’t like the new design for the Pyongyang airport.

17. The dictador is a huge fan of NBA star Dennis Rodman, so much that he got special invites to visit his private island in several occasions and even got an exclusive interview.  Rodman described; “it’s like Hawaii or Ibiza, but he is the only one who lives there”.

18. After the death of Kim Jung-il, hundreds of North Koreans got sent to jail for six months accused of not demonstrating enough grief over the loss of their leader.



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