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McDonald's Created a Nutella burger

The fast food chain created a very particular burger for the Italian people. 

For those with a sweet tooth, the greatest fast food chain created a very interesting burger. McDonald’s Italy announced their new Nutella Burger last Thursday and people don’t know hot to react.  Love it or hate it?

The new product is called “Sweety with Nutella”, and it is more of a dessert than a salty treat. This has a regular brioche bread, but the inside is filled with Nutella. The bun itself has the middle burned to make it look like a hamburger inside. Although, when you bite it, the filling comes running down, and it is a lot of it.

The chocolate lovers are going crazy on social media to get their hands on this mix of bread and the chocolate and hazelnut spread. People on the web are petitioning for the product to be available worldwide.

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