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Is Dennis Leaving It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

The season finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could be the last we see of Dennis Reynolds. 

The last episode of the season sure left an open ending to the possibility of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia saying goodbye to one of it’s main characters: Dennis Reynolds. Glenn Howerton hinted that he could be leaving the show after 12 seasons.

The finale shocked everyone not only having the waitress finally hooking up with Charlie, but Dennis’ double life leading to him leaving the gang behind. Which leaves us with the question; Is he leaving the show?.


Even though it has not been confirmed, the actor did not deny his outing: “It’s a little complicated”, the star told Uproxx. “It’s not entirely certain whether I am or am not.”

He did say: “We may be taking a extended hiatus between season 12 and 13. So I’m certainly staying open to the possibility of doing more, but there is a possibility that I will not.

“It has nothing to do with my relationship to anyone on the show or Rob or Charlie or anyone like that. It’s partially a creative and personal decision”, he confessed”

The real reason is that the star announced that he will be a part of the new cast of NBC’s AP Bio, which would mean scheduling conflict.

“It’s been the greatest joy, honor of my life up to this point, to have been a part of this show.”, said the actor who also produces and writes for the show.

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