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Harry Potter's 8 movies shown in 80 minutes

A fan of  J.K.Rowling’s saga captured the great essence to the entire story in only one video.

Harry Potter has unleashed an incredible level of fandom all over the world, but this aficionado, Tim Stiefler, has the magic touch to turn 20 hours of film into a 80 minute movie titled “Wizardhood”

His incredible editing was posted on Vimeo this weekend. Although it is shorter than any of the Harry Potter movies, he captured the magic of this story through the biggest events from the Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hollows.

Eighty minutes doesn’t compare to this successful serie of films, but it goes directly to the heart of the story line, reflecting the relationship with the dynamic trio of Harry, Hermione y Ron and the endless war between the young wizard and Voldemort.


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