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GOES-R: The new weather satellite

NASA launched a revolutionary satellite that will allow great advances in analyzing weather. 

GOES-R 16  is the new satellite launched by NASA yesterday. This new satellite will revolutionize climate analysis and it promises to obtain continuous information through high resolution images. These will allow to see patterns with more resolution and to identify huracanes and storms on the western hemisphere.

Thanks to it’s high resolution cameras,  they will obtain near-real time imagery that will allow weather predictions to be more accurate. The information will be more accurate and this helps detect fires or warn about flooding, as well as volcanic activity.

El GOES-R was launched yesterday afternoon from Cape Caneveral Air Force Station in Florida , although it was delayed for more than an hour due to technical difficulties. This is the first satellite of this kind launched since 2010.

Once its placed at 22,300 miles (35.888 km) above de equator, it will also focus on certain regions to monitor closely phenomenon like fire, volcanos and storms.

The entire imagery collection process lasts about 30 minutos although it is not capable of completing more than one task at a time. This is not necessarily a bad thing because these new cameras allow greater depth of the reading; the current system only reads about 5 wavelengths, versus the new one that is capable of seeing 16.

This is the first of four satellites of this new project to renovate the weather system and it cost about $11 billion. The next one will be launched in 2018.


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