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Facebook welcomes games to "Messenger"

The world’s leading social network enables a new feature: Instant Games. 

The biggest social media company adds a new function to continue to captivate the online public, and now users will be able to take a trip back in time playing classics such as Pac-Mac, Space Invaders and Galaga that will be featured in Instant Games. 

Messenger,  Facebook’s messaging app, is adding more than 20 games that users will be able to play with their “friends”.

Instant Games will be available in the next update for both iOS and Android in more than 30 countries. Although this is only a small section of it’s users, the games will slowly reach all of it’s 1.000 million users in the next six months.

When Messenger became a separate app in 2014, Facebook users were not pleased. Since then, they have tried to compensate the unnecessary departing into an independent app due to it’s lack of new features.

This is the most recent attempt to bring new users to it’s messaging platform and become the best instant messaging app.


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