Ink Master Legend Tommy Helm returns to claim the Shop Master tittle

The runner-up of the first season of Ink Master and fan’s favorite is back to fight for the win one more time. 

On the last episode of Ink Master, the second to last veteran returned to the show; the beloved Tommy Helm who came in second place on the very first season of the show. He has proved through the history of Ink Master to be a strong competitor, to the point that he even got his own show; Tattoo Nightmares.

Not only the audience was wowed by his comeback but the competing shops as well when he walked in. Helm joined the race for the $200,000 with his own tattoo shop, Empire State Studio, and brought Marvin Silva along.

These two didn’t make the best artistic appearance, as they struggled with the flash challenge and the pin-up they were judged on had some flaws that landed them as the bottom team chosen by their peers to go home. Although, it’s arguable if it was because of their art or because of the threat that

Next weeks episode will bring back the last veteran artists to the Shop Wars and it will be someone just as talented and known as Tommy Helm, Cleen Rock one. This will be his third season on the show, having reached the finale in seasons 4 and 7 but the tittle seems to keep slipping right out of his hands. Is the third time a charm?

Ink Master Shop Wars

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